Download David Morris - F350 Freestyle (Official Video) Mp3

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David Morris - F350 Freestyle (Official Video)

Duration: 02:06

Size: 2.88 MB

Published: 30 Desember 2019

Listen: 2,456,708

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Directed by @David Morris
Shot & Edited by @GrantShoop
Produced by @Chsecrwfrd @fourbythree
Song Produced by @Swav Beatz / Re-produced by @Yeezo
Song Mixed/Mastered by @ChristianAmadeus
Special Thanks to @djetrayn @seantylerherron @traviscolbert @spademade @_v_soroka

This song contains a sample of the Poets of The Fall song "Carnival of Rust" - check it out here:



I don’t want a Porsche, don’t want Ferrari/
I want a Grizzly, I want a Harley/
I want a 440(hp), 6.7(liter) powerstroke, diesel/
F250 with a lift kit on it/

I wanna hop off a plane and just land somewhere/
Have a farm and some land somewhere/
Couple cows, couple dogs/
Couple barns and some brand new green John Deere/

I wanna make em all mad/ all of the people who told me I’m wack/
roll in my highschool reunion I’m wearing all black/
cowboy boots and a camo hat/
whole lotta jewelry on, whole lotta grey poupon/
don’t know what u be on, but I be gone and I be on, my own wave/

like George Strait, watch a cowboy just ride way/ (hey)
I got red white and blue diamonds dancing on my neck like Billy Ray/
Where I from you don’t get out, stay here till you’re 6ft feet in the ground
Work the same job for 35years have 5 grandkids/
watch em in the front yard runnin' round/ like

Is this that the good life?/
Praying good night/
Missing the good times/
Said too many goodbyes /

This that move out the suburbs
This them dirty ass cuss words/
This that back to ya hometown/
12 hour shift in the sun type of tough work/

This that you don’t wanna end up like your daddy
cuz he’s mean and alcoholic and he’s bitter bout life/
this that pay off all your loans move away/
get a job then come back someday when you got it all right/
This that f350 12s in the back as we ride thru city/
playing Tim McGraw but I’m feeling like Diddy/
oh lord Jesus please forgive me/

This that real raw country rap shit
This that West Virginia trap shit
This that get caught in the holler
Talking crazy, get your ass kicked/

I’m planting my seeds I’m back to my roots/
In a f350 but I’m drivin’ it like its a coupe/